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Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy has been the standard of care for the treatment of spider veins (and small varicose veins) for many years.

What Is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a “sclerosing” solution into the affected vessel.

The solution causes an inflammatory response in the lining of the vessel, which swells and eventually closes the vein.

Sotradecol® and AscleraTM are the only medications currently approved by the FDA for treating spider veins and they are the only medications used at North Shore Vascular.

The procedure is done in-office and requires no anesthesia. Typically, patients experience very little, if any discomfort.

The procedure is done in-office and requires no anesthesia. Typically, patients experience very little, if any discomfort

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The North Shore Vascular Difference

You want to have confidence in your doctor, and you want the treatment done correctly and effectively the first time. North Shore Vascular continues to stand above other area vein treatment facilities for several reasons:

  • Dr. Golan is an ABMS-certified vascular surgeon, top in his field, with the ability to provide all vascular treatments, including EVLT, microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy.
  • North Shore Vascular treats the condition or health issue causing the spider or varicose veins
  • Dr. Golan is considered one of the foremost experts in EVLT and varicose vein treatment. He was one of the first vascular surgeons in the Chicago area to the learn the EVLT procedure and has now performed more than 5,000 laser vein procedures. He is an attending physician at NorthShore University HealthSystem and is a Senior Clinician Educator at University of Chicago Pritzer School of Medicine
  • Vein clinics, often national or local franchises, are typically not staffed with board-certified vascular surgeons. They employ other types of physicians and call them “vein specialists.” North Shore Vascular offers the best of the best: a board-certified vascular surgeon, a board-certified physician assistant, and an ICAVL nationally certified lab that meets the same criteria as hospital-based labs.

If you need vein treatment, know you’re in the best hands when choosing North Shore Vascular. Call or complete our brief contact form to request an appointment today.