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Patients Talk About Dr. Golan & North Shore Vascular

“Dr. Golan is awesome. It’s immediately clear that he’s in the top of his field. I felt that he really makes a point to connect with you and is genuinely concerned for his patients’ health and wellbeing. Amazing doctor. And the rest of the staff are the best. It’s a great experience. You have this full team of people that are there to make you better. Peggy, Gina, Dianne, Anne, and Nancy all rock! And the ultrasounds are a real blast! And the results were terrific. This has really changed my quality of life.” –Chris, age 33 – Chicago, IL


“My first procedure for varicose veins with Dr. Golan was in the 80’s. I was very young and impressed with how much better my legs felt and how they improved in appearance. When my health insurance changed through the years, I saw a different doctor at Evanston Hospital and since then I have moved out-of-state, but I ended up going back to Dr. Golan because of his winning personality and the wonderful results that followed. I recommended Dr. Golan to my sister and explained how much Dr. Golan had helped me with my uncomfortable, unsightly varicose veins and how much better my legs feel. When she learned how far I travel for appointments with Dr. Golan, she was convinced that I must be on to something good!”
 -Gloria, age 63 – Munster, IN


“My OB-GYN referred me to Dr. Golan. I am extremely pleased with my varicose vein treatment; my overall experience at North Shore Vascular was wonderful. Everyone was welcoming and knowledgeable and very thorough. And now I can wear shorts without embarrassment!” -Emily, age 37 – Northbrook, IL


“The staff was very professional and everyone made me feel very safe and comfortable. I am not one to volunteer for medical procedures, but I am very happy I had it done. The procedure was painless, and they made me feel very comfortable before, during and after. I am thrilled with the results, no more ugly veins and no more discomfort. A neighbor and my insurance company told me about Dr. Golan, and I would recommend him to my friends and co-workers without hesitation.” -Eileen, age 51 – Chicago, IL


“Dr. Golan was my mom’s surgeon and did a carotid artery procedure on her. Dr. Golan did a terrific job on my mom and I knew he would with me as well. He was very thorough and explained to me the importance of the pre-op tests/ultrasounds. All of my visits to NSVA were great, and the entire staff was very friendly and reassuring. I always felt welcome. I am extremely pleased, no complaints, my legs look great, not one scar. No more spider veins! I’ve already told my friends and other family members about my experiences and explained how easy and painless the procedures are. I stressed the importance of having a doctor who is as experienced as Dr. Golan.”
 -Katie, age 44 – Wilmette, IL


“I developed varicose veins on my right leg, from below the knee to the groin, during my first pregnancy. During my two pregnancies after that I used Jobst pressure hose to alleviate the pressure and edema from the varicose veins. I used pressure hose even after my last pregnancy because of the discomfort in the right leg. Several of my friends and coworkers recommended that I get treatment from Dr. Golan because they were happy with their results and had positive experiences. My primary care physician also recommended Dr. Golan for my varicose veins procedure. Everyone was very friendly at North Shore Vascular. Dr. Golan and the two nurses that assisted in my procedure were very respectful to make me aware that this could be an uncomfortable procedure, but they did everything possible to make me feel calm and comfortable throughout. The pre-procedure teaching was excellent and the staff very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the results and have already recommended Dr. Golan to others, specifically for this procedure specifically. I trust him and have complete confidence that I am in good hands.”
 -Elizabeth, age 55 – Winnetka, IL


“I have had surgery on my varicose veins in the past, and there is absolutely no comparison to that first procedure and those that Dr. Golan has performed. I still have very bad memories of that first surgery but have nothing but positive things to say regarding the work of Dr. Golan. He is extremely skilled and uses only the latest technology, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Golan to anyone who requires a vascular surgeon. Although it is still fairly early in my recovery, I am quite pleased with the appearance of my legs. Plus, the entire staff is fabulous. From my first phone conversation to schedule an appointment to my initial consultation and through all three surgical procedures – the experience has been outstanding!”
 -Rachel, age 40 – Chicago, IL


“I had a career in dance in my 20’s, so I knew varicose veins would probably be an issue at some point in my life. After having two children in my late thirties, my veins became so prominent it was embarrassing to wear shorts or skirts. Plus, I was relying on support hose to manage the pain. After much research, I found that Dr. Golan was one of the pioneers of Endovenous Laser Therapy, and so I decided to have the procedure at North Shore Vascular.

The procedure and recovery were quick and painless and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. It has literally changed my life.  I wish I would have known about Dr. Golan lot earlier.” –Diane, age 47 – Evanston, IL


“Every person treated me with such kindness, it made me very comfortable with my decision to use NSV, and it was so nice to have all the paperwork mailed to me to be completed prior to coming to the NSV office for my evaluation. I was so happy to be able to have outpatient procedures, and the recovery was just as he had told me. I could have asked for. On top of being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Golan was delightful, and put me at ease immediately. Prior to the procedure, my legs were feeling heavy, and a week after my legs felt so much better! I am very happy with my results and look forward to my evaluation for my next procedure. In fact, I was seated at a large dinner party right after my procedure and realized that every women at the table was a patient of Dr. Golan’s. I have recommended Dr. Golan to anyone that has mentioned they were having trouble with their varicose veins. It can be a touchy subject and women my age(60+) really do not talk too much about them, except to close friends.”
 -Julia, age 62 – Kennilworth, IL


“I had three friends who referred me to Dr. Golan, and they said he was simply the best on the North Shore. My laser varicose procedure was minimally invasive, and the staff was very realistic about the recovery time. They were all very friendly and very professional. Now my legs look great again! I would definitely recommend Dr. Golan to anyone who wants to get rid of their varicose veins.”
 -Kate, age 32 – Evanston, IL


“Several physicians told me that if I were going to have vein work done, I should go to Dr. Golan.  In fact, one physician described him as a vascular artist. Dr. Golan and his team did a great job of explaining everything that I should expect to see and feel.  And, they were right on the money.  The pain and throbbing that I had been experiencing from my varicose veins went away completely. Every member of the staff was quite personable, professional, friendly and honest – and made me feel comfortable. I was extremely impressed!” -Michael, age 59 – Winnetka, IL


“I have never been in a doctor’s office like NSV: everyone was so friendly and willing to spend time with me to answer questions and offer assistance and information. They made me feel very comfortable and assured that I was in the right place. I have been beyond happy with the results. The recovery was not difficult, and my legs feel and look great! My mom has struggled for years with varicose veins, and she is looking forward to seeing Dr. Golan. I had no reservations in highly recommending Dr. Golan to her.” -Maureen, age 38 – Evanston, IL


“My husband, who is a physician, wanted me to see a board-certified vascular surgeon.  He wanted me to go to Dr. Golan, in particular.  The whole experience at NSV was wonderful. The staff was very accommodating, pleasant and knowledgeable, and they attended to all my needs and questions prior to as well as after the procedure. But most importantly, my legs look great – nearly 20 years younger!”
 -Lisa, age 50 – Glencoe, IL


“The staff was incredible and helped me through every step of the way.  They were supportive from start to finish. The end result was everything I had hoped for and more.  I have no more pain in my legs, and the procedure was relatively painless and the recuperation time was minimal.”
 -Alice, age 65 – Round Lake Beach, IL