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Dr. John Golan

1st Chicago Doctor to do Laser Vein Procedures

Vascular surgery is Dr. Golan’s profession and passion – and his life’s work – for 30 years. When Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) received FDA approval in 2002, Dr. Golan was the first vascular surgeon in the Chicago area to learn the procedure and has since performed over 5000 laser vein procedures. Today, he’s considered one of the foremost experts in EVLT and varicose vein treatment. Dr. Golan is a sought-after consultant on varicose vein conditions and has trained over 600 physicians throughout the country on the procedure.

Experienced Vascular Surgeon & “Vascular Artist”

Per the Society for Vascular Surgery “…vascular surgeons are the only medical discipline trained to care for patients using every vascular treatment available and are uniquely qualified to make the most accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment for the best outcome.” For three decades  Dr. Golan has been described as a “vascular artist” who not only heals vein disease but also transforms unsightly legs into things of beauty – for both women and men.